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Powerful software developed to client specification
An excellent track record in customer satisfaction
High quality training

Company Profile

Pathway have a long track record in developing data processing applications of all kinds. Our emphasis has always been on building a strong client base. We ensure that software matches real business needs and constantly reassess our applications to make sure that they bring maximum power and efficiency to business practice.

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We have always used FoxPro as our programming platform. FoxPro provides extremely fast data access on databases up to 2 Gb in size, and beyond that into SQL and Oracle via ODBC. FoxPro allows direct manipulation of Microsoft Office and other COM applications. It also supports a powerful object orientated design approach to development in the Windows environment.

Having been at the forefront of FoxPro development for many years we are able to provide a high level of consultancy and training based on practical experience.


Please check out details of our services. If you would like further information, email us using the form on the contacts page.

Malcolm Bisset


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