Powerful software developed to client specification
An excellent track record in customer satisfaction
High quality training

Bespoke Development

Pathway are FoxPro specialists. With over a decade of experience in development we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services based around the Microsoft FoxPro database environment.

FoxPro incorporates a powerful database development language and sophisticated design tools. It outstrips other systems in performance on large data files as well as providing an upgrade path to SQL and Oracle servers. Visual FoxPro supports a fully object orientated approach to application design.

"As a Microsoft product, FoxPro based applications can link up and share data with other Windows based software such as email, word processing, spreadsheets and internet browser. FoxPro can take your client data file (which might be held in a Microsoft Access file), combine it with your Foxpro Sales management system to compile a Word document sales brochure, send the mailshot by email and then prepare an Excel spreadsheet ready for the sales team to monitor client response times – at the click of a button without any further interaction by the user. Oh – forget the button click, FoxPro can schedule the mail shot to run automatically after office hours."

Backward compatibility with DOS and Windows 3.1 data systems Represent FoxPro data as XML for internet applications Support for Microsoft Com+ services (as client or server), Active Accessibility and Automation Migrate to SQL Server without changing code